10 Tips For The Road To Success!

As I return back home from Dubai, having taken part in a panel discussion at the Global Islamic Economy Summit on modest fashion and the growth of the Islamic Economy, I can’t help but contemplate on a few things.



To be honest I never expected that this invitation would come in 2015 but always had hoped it would materialise someday since 2013 when the first event took place.  Something I learned, and has happened on so many occasions, is that Allah surprises you when you least expect it.  I believe that if you leave it to Allah, if you just ask, and have trust that he will take care of things, then it’s almost like he is bound to surprise you and amaze you just to prove his majesty, to prove that he is the ultimate giver.  So when I received the email from the organisers, it did come as a huge surprise as I had no plans to go this year as a delegate.

It’s taken 10 years to get recognised at this level and to have contributed enough to be invited on this global platform.  I always thank Allah for all successes, he is, after all, the ultimate giver.  But nothing in life comes without hard work and persistence. You must have the determination to go on while the goings tough.

I always loved traveling, and this passion really helped me go out of my comfort zone- go new places and meet new people.  It was a key factor when I chose to build a international business and a chance to network with people on a global level.

In this particular trip,  I had the privilege to meet and discuss with so many entrepreneurs, all working on things they love and are passionate about. People like @Abdul Ali, @com mirza and hundreds of others.

Here are a ten quick tips I’d like to share from my personal experience, and from talking to so many entrepreneurs who have found success after a lot of hardship.

1 – Discover and do what you love and you’re most passionate about.
2 – Work hard and stay persistent on your dream.
3 – Trust Allah to make things happen.
4 – Never forget to remember Allah in disparate times- and even more so in triumphs.
5 – Find a mentor to guide and show the way.
6 – Find peers and regularly mastermind.
7 – Don’t let fear of failure stop you- or keep you down.
8 – Build a definite belief that you will be successful and achieve your dreams.
9 – Surround yourself with positive minded people.
10 – Spend a little time everyday on personal development.

For all entrepreneurs out there, best of luck and don’t be shy to leave some of your thoughts below.