4 Steps To Building A Vision Board

Do you find your self not motivated to continue doing your business?

Have you lost passion for your existing business and thinking about another business entirely new?

Are struggling to make head way?

If I asked you where are you going with this business, would you have answered I don’t know?

Then you seriously need to go back to the drawing board.

If I entered in your office and picked any of your employee and asked them where this company was going, would they tell me exactly what you would tell me, if this was asked of you?  If the answer is no, then either you don’t have a vision for your company, or you do have a vision and you have not shared that vision with your team.

Do you feel you have lost your way and don’t know what to do next?

Are you as enthusiastic as you were when you first started the business?

When we start a business, we are very driven and enthusiastic and can not wait for the weekend to be over, or the next day to arrive so we can get to work towards our idea.  This is because we are passionate and motivated by this exciting spark of an idea we that have.  We also had a light bulb moment shine in our head- it’s called having a vision.  We knew where we wanted to go and what we wanted to achieve, and started planning how to get there.

This state of feeling is what brings happiness to you.  It is this state of being that prepares you to deal with the non stop problems your business has to throw at you.  But its okay, you don’t mind, you in fact, love it, and enjoy the problem solving, maybe even get a buzz out of it.

So what happened between then and now?  Why are you unmotivated, feel drained, and can’t be bothered to think about your business anymore?

Something happens along the way which causes us to lose this spark of vision, this excitement.  We get busy working in the business and stop working on the business.  We go into work every day and are just too busy trying to get the to-do list finished for the day.  Its either replying to clients emails, paying suppliers, resolving hosting server problems, or dealing with staff managment and recruitment.

We don’t have time to think about where the business is going.  We know it’s going somewhere, but we’re not sure where anymore.  We don’t have time to think what our ultimate objective or goals are that we should be achieving.

Basically we have lost our way, and have in fact, lost the vision of the business.

How do you bring back that passion you had in the beginning back into your business?  That sense of direction and a feeling of promise that you are going places with your business.  Here are four steps you should take:

Step 1 – Create a vision

Creating a vision is very easy.  Firstly, simply, close your eyes.  Imagine what your business looks like in five years time.  What kind of turnover are you generating?  Is it a million pounds, perhaps 10 million pounds, a year?  Where is your office located?  Perhaps on the 40th floor of your favourite city skyscraper.  Who is in your team?  Maybe you would love to work with certain individuals and you want them in your team.  Who are they?  What does your office environment look like?  Do you fancy a pool table in the corner or maybe some bean bags for employees to relax and refocus.

‘Dream and Dream big’

A vision of what you truly want- not just what you think you want, or what you should have. Have a compelling vision of what you’re here to create.  Something that excites you.



Step 2 – Vision Boardimages (1)

This is also very simple and very effective. Get yourself a A1 sheet of paper and lots of your favourite magazines and newspapers.  Cut out anything any pictures or words that spells out your vision for your business and adhere them to the paper.  Write out in bold your target keywords, like 10 million pounds turnover, or “open and inspiring workspace”.  Get pictures of your  future A Team that you want working for you and stick them on there too.

Your vision board should look something like this:


Picture1Step 3 – Involve employees

Once you created your vision board, I want you to then hold a meeting with your employees and share your vision with them, and ask them for their thoughts.  Repeat step one with them and get their ideas then stick their ideas on or near the vision board.  This was your vision, but it isn’t just your vision- it is a shared vision with the rest of your employees.

Your vision for your company is a good vision, but a shared vision with all your employees is a great vision.



Step 4: Stick it up

This step is the most important step of them all, and yet, it is the easiest.  Stick up your vision board on the wall where everyone gets to see it regularly.  This allows you to connect with your vision every day.  And it also reminds everyone in your company, including yourself, where this company is going.

You will find that you are less distracted and you have more focus.  You have something reminding you every day of where you are going and why you are doing what you are doing.