Photo of Experience in Makkah


Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group once said that the ideas for the best businesses tend to come from personal experience. The things we go through in life present us with learning opportunities from which we stand to benefit. Recently, I held an event on entrepreneurship in Mecca. The main purpose of the […]

Photo of Hiring Great Talent

A Key to Success: Hiring Great Talent

Creating a successful business isn’t just about having a stand out product or service, a huge chunk of it will be determined by the quality and reliability of your team. As such, finding great talent is the basis of all recruitment efforts in companies, big or small. However, managing to hire such people is easier […]

Photo of Running a Successful Business

The key to starting and running a successful company

Most people dread the thought of starting a business. It’s that some don’t want to risk their money on a venture that may end up failing. The fear of failure is and will always be a stumbling block for many but to be successful in business, you should never let that stop you. I actually […]


How to Assess Your 2016 and Set Realistic Goals for 2017

The year is drawing to a close and it’s again that time of the year to conduct your personal end year assessment. It is an effective way to measure your progress and visualize the strides you have made across the year towards attaining your set targets. This will enable you to have a clear view […]