6 Benefits To Reading For Life!

When was the last time you read a book, or a substantial article? If your daily reading constitutes JUST your tweets, your Facebook feed, or WhatsApp messages, then you are not working to expand your mind.  Our brain is a powerful muscle, and by making reading a daily habit, you’ll be improving its processing ability […]

How Large Is The Muslim Market?

We stand on the crest of a wave that is the rise of a global Muslim market.   In the 2014 –15 State of the GLOBAL ISLAMIC ECONOMY Report by Thomson Reuters, it is stated that the organisation “…estimates that the global expenditure of Muslim consumers on food and lifestyle sectors grew 9.5% from previous years’ estimates […]

Take The 4 Easy Steps And Build The Love For Read Every Day!

In my article on Reading for Life, I made the keen case about why you SHOULD read every day, but getting to that point where you are reading every day can be super challenging. I was never a big reader as a child or in my teens, but since becoming an entrepreneur, I have read hundreds of […]

3 Business Lessons I Learned From Prophet Ayoub (A)

The core of being an entrepreneur is about having faith- faith in yourself, in your abilities, and in your vision.  Sometimes this kind of faith isn’t enough to see you through the difficult times: Have you had a business that didn’t quite make it and had to be closed down? Perhaps you lost out on a deal […]