Five Ways the Rich Think and You Probably Don’t!

Photo of how rich people thinks

Becoming wealthy is more about your individual mindset rather than limiting yourself to achieve more by thinking about how much money you have to work with. You may have minimal funds to get started with, but if you possess the right mental attitude, you can become wealthy and sustain your wealth. However, a person who has no restrictions on the amount of money that they could spend, but has the wrong mindset, cannot become wealthy or stay wealthy.

With the wrong mindset, it is impossible to become and stay financially well off. Now consider this: Do you think like a wealthy person?

1. Most people focus on saving. The wealthy focus on earning.


Most people will think to save 10% of their monthly salary for a rainy day. However, wealthy people actually spend 10% and invest 90% back in to generating more wealth.

2. Most people see starting your own business as a risk. The wealthy see starting a business as the road to wealth.

Yes, starting a business is risky – but it is a calculated risk. You don’t just jump into it.

Most people think about money with their mindset focusing on the more number of hours they work the more money they make. So, if I can squeeze in a few more overtime hours then I will have more money.

However, rich people look for ideas that can solve problems for other people and they make money from those ideas.

3. Most people see money through the eyes of emotion. The wealthy see money through the eyes of logic.

Photo of saving money

Negative ideas about rich people and about money cloud the thought processes of many people when it comes to their finances.

Rich people, on the other hand, do not make financial decisions from a place of fear. Money is not something to fear losing, but instead a tool that presents greater opportunities.

4. Most people have loosely defined goals with flexible deadlines. The wealthy have firm goals with “do or die” deadlines.


“Rich people focus on their money and their business. They know that, whatever their business is, it solves a problem. At the same time, they acknowledge that their goal is to make money and they don’t apologize for it.”

Wealthy people also focus wholeheartedly on one goal at a time rather than taking a scattershot approach to making money.

5. Most live beyond their means. The wealthy live below their means.

While some rich people like Richard Branson are known for flying around the world in their private jets, average, wealthy people live more modestly and own “normal” cars and “normal” houses. They just happen to have $5 million in the bank. Rich people get quietly richer everyday.

“Beliefs are the catalyst for action, and action is the way to build wealth,” he says. “You need to have the right mindset to take advantage of opportunities and to solve problems, which will in turn make money.” – Steve Siebold, author of “How Rich People Think”



Adapted from “5 Ways Rich People Think Differently From the Rest of Us” by Michele Lerner: