Generate Wealth By Creating More Value For More People

Photo of creating more value for people

There are three journeys to provide people with income. Let’s call them the walkers, the drivers, and the flyers.

The Walkers

The walkers are those people who live their lives from pay cheque to pay cheque. They aren’t prepared for the future or the bumps in the road. The income level here is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you bag groceries at the local Tesco’s or are a football player. The walker lives life in the moment, prepares little for the future, and falls up short when things go south for them.

Trust me. You don’t want to be walker. You’ll get nowhere fast and always worry about what lies ahead.

The Drivers

The drivers have always taken the straight and narrow way, confined by the road. This is your standard path of get a degree, get a job, save a little, invest your portfolio and retire when you are 65. Maybe, if you are lucky, your portfolio did well, and maybe, if you take care of yourself you can still walk and enjoy life. This path is safe; it is assured (as much as anything in life is) but it also sacrifices a great deal.

Most people will live their life in this category, smart enough to not risk the financial instability of the walkers, but not brave enough to take the leap of faith to become flyers.

The Flyers

The flyers see the world from 10,000 feet up. They know that the more value you give to the world, the richer they will become. Doesn’t make sense? How can you give and be rich at the same time?

When we say the word give, we shouldn’t automatically assume that it means giving away money. In fact, giving money without focused intent to build value within the individual’s life can be a net loss.

For instance, if you were to give 10 random people £100 on the street without specifications on how to use the funds to increase the value of their lives, they could easily resort to mass consumerism. This would be a net loss for you because you couldn’t direct the improvement of value in a person’s life, it would be a net loss for them because they didn’t improve the value of their own lives. This is the lowest form of giving.

Photo of giving value for people


On the other hand, if you were to make a product that improved people’s lives, like a drug that helped people with diabetes, or clothing that made women feel empowered and strong, then you are giving value to those people, and getting value in return.

The general rule of life is the more VALUE YOU GIVE to people, the BETTER you will do.

Earlier, I said that most people will live their lives as drivers because most people have not developed themselves in such a way that they GIVE TRUE VALUE to the world.

To be a flyer takes guts and it also takes perseverance. If you don’t think you have something of value to give, then develop a skill that will allow you to give value. Your product is the physical manifestation of a skill that you’ve developed that you can pass along to someone else.

Believe that you can give value to the world. And when you give value to the world, you will receive value back.