Grow Through Automation

Photo of Automation for Business

For most companies and small businesses growth is a top priority. But it’s not just growing your revenue that will increase your bottom line. It is effectively boosting revenue without incurring excessive costs that will bring your business more profitability in the future.

This is a concept known as “scalability.” When your business is scalable, you can double your operation and take on more customers, without needing to double your expenses.

If you’re looking to grow your company – and grow quickly – taking the right steps to do just that can help you not only make more money, but help your business grow more quickly.

If you own a business in a highly time-sensitive industry, this can really help you beat out some of your competition.

Automating some of your business processes is one way to eliminate some of your daily operational costs and make it easier to duplicate what you’re currently doing.

So how do you automate? You do this through adopting technologies and creating systems and policies.


1. Follow-Up Marketing Emails

A program like Infusionsoft can help make your email marketing so much easier. With a few steps, you can automate follow-ups for different email lists so you know that at any time you are always reaching your customers with the exact information that they need.

2. Customer Support Communications

If you are currently using email to handle all of your customer support issues, you are going to love the freedom that a program like Groove or Zapier can give you.

They are simple but powerful help desk ticketing systems that can help you automate your customer support communications and save you hours of time each week.

3. Website Traffic Reports

Photo of Website Traffic

Understanding your website traffic is one way that will help you learn what you need to do to keep it growing. Google Analytics is great, but it can be time consuming to have to sift through the mountains of data on a regular basis. Instead, you can do a one-time setup of the key statistics you want and have those reports sent to you via email once a week automatically.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a valuable tool for businesses, allowing another outlet to contact customers and encourage them to do the same. By automating, even if it’s just simply by scheduling posts or tweets days in advance to maintain your presence, you can save time during busier days and ensure a constant line of communication. Start with whichever of your social media accounts is lacking, and decide how to make the engagement work for your business.


Just like that – you can automate almost all aspects of your business to be more efficient and above all scalable.

Allowing your business to grow without it killing you in the process.

So get down to learning how to automate your business.