The Million Dollar Vision

Photo of million dollar vission

When I first meet one of my students, amongst the very first questions I ask is how much money do you want to make in 12 months’ time from now?

Usually the answers I get range from ‘ I don’t know, haven’t thought about it’ and the ones who have may have thought about it a little are like – ‘I would be happy with 10k, 50k, 100k, with a small smirk on their faces’.

I don’t blame them because that’s exactly how my mindset was 15 years ago.

So let me ask you, do you think big and set big goals? Or you think small and set goals you are comfortable with pursuing?

I intend to be the richest man in the world. – Howard Hughes

One of the common traits shared by the drop out billionaires and richest people in the world is the ability to think big and set big goals.

So let me give you some examples:

Lakshmi Mittal built the largest steel producing company in the world; Mittal Steel.

Mukesh Ambani built the biggest refinery in the world; Reliance industries.

Aliko Dangote is Africa’s greatest industrialist and largest cement producer.

Most people think small because most people are afraid of success, afraid of making decisions, afraid of winning. And that gives people like me a great advantage. – Donald Trump

Donald Trump is one of the biggest real estate developers in the world.

Ingvar Kamprad built the largest furniture making company in the world; IKEA.

Jeff Bezos built the world’s largest bookstore; Amazon.

Do you think these accomplishments were a result of luck? My answer is no. These great entrepreneurs had every reason to settle for less but they pressed on for bigger goals. If they hadn’t planned to be the biggest; they probably wouldn’t be there.

My goal is to help you challenge your perception. I want you to open your mind to the tremendous power that lies in the art of thinking big.

My friend and business partner, Com Mirza is worth a half billion dollars – if you ask him what is his goal, he will say straight away say that he wants to become a billionaire. And his half way there already.

Now why should you think big and set big goals?

The following tips will help change your perception towards goal setting.

  • Thinking big forces you to challenge conventional wisdom
  • Thinking big challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone
  • Thinking big stirs your passion and enthusiasm
  • Thinking big unleashes your creative instinct
  • Thinking big challenges, you to expand your means; rather than live below your means
  • Thinking big gives you a purpose to live and die for
  • Thinking big eliminate impossibilities


Lastly, the true magic of thinking big is in the breaking of impossibilities. Thinking big makes the impossible possible. That’s why Adidas said “impossible is nothing.” This statement is only true if you think big and go for it.

To many, the goal to become a billionaire is out of their reality and an impossible mission. But to me, it’s achievable because I have a perception that we should accept big challenges. So the next time you think about setting a goal or executing a project, think big and your thoughts will be brought into existence.

I want you to start by setting a goal for you to achieve in the next 12 months in your business whether that is $1m or pounds and if you are already there, then set your goal to be $10m or pounds.

So start by setting the goal very, very high.

Impossible is Nothing