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The impossible is the only thing worth working towards.

When we do the possible, when we go to college and university and get the “good job,” when we work within a structured stiff world that we’ve been told to fit in, we rarely go after what we conceive of as the impossible dream.

Because here is the truth, the impossible dream is where the real action in life is, it is the thing that quickens our hearts, excites our minds and spirits. Makes us daydream and innovate.

Do the impossible and it will become your reality.

Now let me tell you my own little story of “the impossible.” When I was a kid, I never was super physical. The world I lived in existed in my head and in my ideas.

The concept of hiking a mountain was absurd to me. The idea of hiking Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro verged on the impossible in my mind.

Others had climbed it, of course, its not that the mountain itself was impossible, but the idea that I, unfit, cerebral Harun Rashid would climb that mountain verged on a slip of my sanity.

But you know what, two years ago, my impossible became my reality as step after weary step I climbed that mountain.

I kept the summit clear in my mind the whole time, and facing the impossible idea of me climbing this mountain forced me to overcome the limitations I had set in my own mind about myself.

When we are forced to have our impossible become a reality, we expand our abilities, strengthen our resilience, and fortify our belief in ourselves and our abilities.

Without our impossible, we never really know how far we can go in life.

We stay on the valley floor forever looking up at the mountain, our hearts aching for what could have been.

When we face the impossible, we stop asking what could have been and start thinking to ourselves “What can be”

So now ask yourself, What is your impossible?

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Your next Big Idea may not be so big after all. You notice I didn’t say throw away your BIG IDEA. I said recycle it. Here’s why.

No matter how much money, time, and effort you stick behind an Idea that you’ve come up with, there are times in the life of an entrepreneur that idea just won’t stick.

Either it doesn’t work for that audience, it isn’t the right product, or it just costs to much to produce at the moment.

There are thousands of reasons your BIG IDEA just isn’t sticky enough to make you successful.

And that is really ok, because you can take concepts from that idea and pass it along to your next idea, and the one after that.

Exploring your ideas will give you the opportunity to learn so much about the process, about business, and about yourself.

It is never a waste. However, if you hold on to that idea too long, you can drown from its burdens.

You see my first 3 business ideas failed. But I never stopped trying. I went on to doing my 4th which did become a success.

Having failed on the first 3, I was so much more experienced and mature in doing business when I got started on my 4th.

So it’s ok if your first idea just doesn’t work.

You will not walk away a loser as long as you keep your focus on learning.

You will learn about yourself and about your business.

That experience you can apply to your next big idea. And every time you do that you are just one step closer to making your idea into a success.

Success is a by product of a lifetime in pursuit of generating ideas and continuously putting them into implementation.

And if you succeed or not, you walk away having learned a thing or two which you will apply to the next big idea.

So now ask yourself does it really matter if your idea didn’t stick?

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In order to market the franchisee, it is necessary to prepare a broacher with basic descriptions of the franchisors system and why the prospective franchise should choose franchising or that particular franchisor. Such broacher will contain photograph to illustrate the text. In the early days the expense can be a burden but it is essential that the franchisor does the system justice otherwise he will not achieve sales.

Franchisees contact franchisors in a number ways:

  • Walk through the door of the pilot operation
  • A franchisee may interest a friend.
  • Response to a feature article in a newspaper or magazine.
  • Responses from a franchise magazine.
  • Response from a franchise or business exhibition.

What really sells a franchise is to show and demonstrate a number of successful operations.

There are some behaviors patterns which are evident to watch out for:

  • The franchisee with previous experience in the same type of business
  • The complacent franchisee
  • The franchisee who expects too much to be done for him.
  • The franchisee who looses his nerve.
  • The franchisee who does not follow the system.
  • The franchisee who is influenced by other family member or busy-body friends.


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A company with existing operations, which it intends to expand by franchising, will also have to accept the disciple of pilot testing. This is not to prove the viability of the business but assist in the transition form company – owned to franchised units as well as assisting in the establishment of proper regime for franchising. There are no short cuts.

No one should franchise until he is ready to do so, and certainly not to any person who expresses, however forcefully, a desire to become a franchisee. It is no accident that most if not all franchisors experiences most difficulty with the early entrant to the network when combination of impatience and lack of objective selectivity drives the franchisor into bad decision.


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What is franchising?

There are many definitions to what is franchising. Is a method of marketing goods and services, etc etc, but the one that concerns us is the popular business use of the word franchise, defined as the business format franchise.

The business format franchise is the grant of a License by one person (the franchisor) to another (the franchisee), which entitles the franchisee to carry on business under the trade mark/trade name of the franchisor and doing so to make use of an entire package (know-how), comprising all the elements necessary to establish a person previously untrained in the conduct of a business to run the business developed by the franchisor under the brand and, after training, to run it on a predetermined basis with the continuing assistance.

Through franchising it is possible to expand a network using the financial and manpower resource of others. However, the franchisor needs to develop an infrastructure to enable it to cope.


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It’s time to let yourself get a little bruised.
What if you let yourself get a little hurt by life… invested your savings in a business idea…let yourself love somebody with your whole being…..let yourself slide down the mountain of life….

What if you just let go and did what you always wanted to do. Can you accept the risk?

You might lose your savings, you might have your heartbroken, or break every bone in your body.  But then again you might not.

You see, facing challenges and adversity, exposing yourself to potential risks that could hurt you is NOT A BAD THING.

Adversity just teaches us how to do it differently next time. A broken bone heals more strongly and a heart learns to love with greater sensitivity when it has been broken.  We need these bruises, if you don’t then we’ll always be afraid of taking the big leap, to do and be what we want to be.

When I’m in the park with my kids, I see all these parents hovering around their children, always getting after them to “be careful” “don’t do that” “stop that, it is dangerous”.  We all know those hover parents.

And the kids, probably for the worse, never get to live a life of scrapes and bruises and never get to learn for themselves about their own limitations and strengths.  The parents pass this culture of fear on to their children.

Instead, parents should be saying, “If you want want to climb the tree, why don’t you try it like this” or “What is the best way you think you can do this “risky” behavior.”

When we stop giving our children a world to be afraid of, we start to give them a world that they can challenge and succeed in.  As adults, we are the same way, we let the “hover” parent in our brains take over, telling us all the dangerous reasons not to do something, and stick to the path of “What is safe and societally acceptable to do” And that’s it, we stop living because we think adversity is dangerous. Safe is another word for stagnant.

But when we take the leap, when we jump off the swing, we choose life, we choose the risk that we could fall, get bruised, but we live.

I know you have the power to jump within you, to face adversity, to get bruised and broken and be stronger for it. I believe in your ability to challenge yourself. Now jump.

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Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. One challenge of being a big thinker and having big financial goals is that you have to be in charge, you must be at the forefront.

Nobody is going to do the dirty work for you, since you set the goal, you must roll up your sleeves, and do the work.

In my view entrepreneurs are leaders first and managers second. Leaders and managers both have the ability to lead the right way. Sometimes, both of them are mistaken due to having very similar mindsets.

However, both entrepreneurs and managers are needed for the growth of any business. Effective leaders are always looking to improve themselves. Evaluate all your activities from the perspective of what you are trying to achieve.

You may find that what was once important is no longer important and should no longer take up your time.


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It’s tricky to effectively manage everything on your own. Along with dividing and conquering the workload, problem-solving from different perspectives is one of the most valuable contributions a business partner can make. And you can be sure there will be many problems down the road. In a startup, you need to be well versed in all aspects of your business.

But to be effective, you need to also focus. If you’re trying to manage all of this on your own, you will never grow. So, if you’re a business development person like me, find a partner with the skill set to manage the operations or technology of your business.

Your partner shows up to work, now what?

Don’t assume the partner is on the same page as you. Spell out your roles and responsibilities in a partnership agreement. You need to determine what you want to give in exchange for a partnership that works for both of you. Find someone who wants to grow and will support your growth.

Having the right partners allows you to create results that would otherwise be unobtainable.

Enjoy the rewards!!

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For me, people fall into two camps. Those who take action and those who think, think and think and by the time they decide to take action the opportunity has gone or they are exhausted from thinking. My secret is that I have a ready, fire, aim, attitude and not a ready, ready, ready attitude.

What I mean is that, you don’t have to know everything, understand everything, comprehend everything before you take an action.  So the ready, fire, aim, attitude means, that you start off with massive action, massive marketing, and figure things out as you go along.

The entrepreneur with the READY, FIRE, AIM, ATTITUDE brings in far more money, with only half the ideas working or 5 vs. only 2 ideas.

Do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, right NOW to get the business building ball rolling. Delay  equals death. If you’re not growing you’re dying.

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Generate Wealth By Creating More Value For More People. The general rule of life is the more VALUE YOU GIVE to people, the BETTER you will do.

If you were to make a product that improved people’s lives, like a drug that helped people with diabetes or clothing that made women feel empowered and strong, then you are giving value to those people, and getting value in return.

Believe that you can give value to the world. And when you give value to the world, you will receive value back.


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You may have minimal funds to get started with, but if you possess the right mental attitude, you can become wealthy and sustain your wealth. With the wrong mindset, it is impossible to become and stay financially well off.

Most people think about money with their mindset focusing on the more number of hours they work the more money they make. Rich people look for ideas that can solve problems for other people and they make money from those ideas. Rich people focus on their money and their business.

They know that, whatever their business is, it solves a problem. At the same time, they acknowledge that their goal is to make money and they don’t apologize for it.”

Money is not something to fear losing, but instead a tool that presents greater opportunities.

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When you start a business, you are practically doing everything, from mopping the floor to calling clients and suppliers and counting the cash, running off to the bank, opening up boxes and sorting out inventory.

To be honest, that’s what going into office was like for me when I started 15 years back. This is what we call you working in the business. With passing days and months and for some people, even years, you start to burn out and you begin to hate the very thing you loved and had so much passion for – your business!

This is why you must set aside time to actually think about what you want your business to do for you. If you don’t, you’ll always be working in your business and never working on it to make it better. Remember, why you went into business- for reasons such as making money and having more freedom and control, not to be continually mired in cash flow problems, staff issues and production management.

You need to get to a position here you can disengage long enough to provide the vision essential to your company’s long-term growth.

Good leaders know when to get out of their own way.