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The impossible is the only thing worth working towards.

When we do the possible, when we go to college and university and get the “good job,” when we work within a structured stiff world that we’ve been told to fit in, we rarely go after what we conceive of as the impossible dream.

Because here is the truth, the impossible dream is where the real action in life is, it is the thing that quickens our hearts, excites our minds and spirits. Makes us daydream and innovate.

Do the impossible and it will become your reality.

Now let me tell you my own little story of “the impossible.” When I was a kid, I never was super physical. The world I lived in existed in my head and in my ideas.

The concept of hiking a mountain was absurd to me. The idea of hiking Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro verged on the impossible in my mind.

Others had climbed it, of course, its not that the mountain itself was impossible, but the idea that I, unfit, cerebral Harun Rashid would climb that mountain verged on a slip of my sanity.

But you know what, two years ago, my impossible became my reality as step after weary step I climbed that mountain.

I kept the summit clear in my mind the whole time, and facing the impossible idea of me climbing this mountain forced me to overcome the limitations I had set in my own mind about myself.

When we are forced to have our impossible become a reality, we expand our abilities, strengthen our resilience, and fortify our belief in ourselves and our abilities.

Without our impossible, we never really know how far we can go in life.

We stay on the valley floor forever looking up at the mountain, our hearts aching for what could have been.

When we face the impossible, we stop asking what could have been and start thinking to ourselves “What can be”

So now ask yourself, What is your impossible?