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In order to market the franchisee, it is necessary to prepare a broacher with basic descriptions of the franchisors system and why the prospective franchise should choose franchising or that particular franchisor. Such broacher will contain photograph to illustrate the text. In the early days the expense can be a burden but it is essential that the franchisor does the system justice otherwise he will not achieve sales.

Franchisees contact franchisors in a number ways:

  • Walk through the door of the pilot operation
  • A franchisee may interest a friend.
  • Response to a feature article in a newspaper or magazine.
  • Responses from a franchise magazine.
  • Response from a franchise or business exhibition.

What really sells a franchise is to show and demonstrate a number of successful operations.

There are some behaviors patterns which are evident to watch out for:

  • The franchisee with previous experience in the same type of business
  • The complacent franchisee
  • The franchisee who expects too much to be done for him.
  • The franchisee who looses his nerve.
  • The franchisee who does not follow the system.
  • The franchisee who is influenced by other family member or busy-body friends.