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It’s time to let yourself get a little bruised.
What if you let yourself get a little hurt by life… invested your savings in a business idea…let yourself love somebody with your whole being…..let yourself slide down the mountain of life….

What if you just let go and did what you always wanted to do. Can you accept the risk?

You might lose your savings, you might have your heartbroken, or break every bone in your body.  But then again you might not.

You see, facing challenges and adversity, exposing yourself to potential risks that could hurt you is NOT A BAD THING.

Adversity just teaches us how to do it differently next time. A broken bone heals more strongly and a heart learns to love with greater sensitivity when it has been broken.  We need these bruises, if you don’t then we’ll always be afraid of taking the big leap, to do and be what we want to be.

When I’m in the park with my kids, I see all these parents hovering around their children, always getting after them to “be careful” “don’t do that” “stop that, it is dangerous”.  We all know those hover parents.

And the kids, probably for the worse, never get to live a life of scrapes and bruises and never get to learn for themselves about their own limitations and strengths.  The parents pass this culture of fear on to their children.

Instead, parents should be saying, “If you want want to climb the tree, why don’t you try it like this” or “What is the best way you think you can do this “risky” behavior.”

When we stop giving our children a world to be afraid of, we start to give them a world that they can challenge and succeed in.  As adults, we are the same way, we let the “hover” parent in our brains take over, telling us all the dangerous reasons not to do something, and stick to the path of “What is safe and societally acceptable to do” And that’s it, we stop living because we think adversity is dangerous. Safe is another word for stagnant.

But when we take the leap, when we jump off the swing, we choose life, we choose the risk that we could fall, get bruised, but we live.

I know you have the power to jump within you, to face adversity, to get bruised and broken and be stronger for it. I believe in your ability to challenge yourself. Now jump.

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