Work On-your Business & Not in Your Business!

Photo of Work On your Business

When you start a business, you are practically doing everything, from mopping the floor to calling clients and suppliers and counting the cash, running off to the bank, opening up boxes and sorting out inventory. To be honest, that’s what going into office was like for me when I started 15 years back.

This is what we call you working in the business. With passing days and months and for some people, even years, you start to burn out and you begin to hate the very thing you loved and had so much passion for – your business!

This is why you must set aside time to actually think about what you want your business to do for you. If you don’t, you’ll always be working in your business and never working on it to make it better.

Remember, why you went into business- for reasons such as making money and having more freedom and control, not to be continually mired in cash flow problems, staff issues and production management.

Photo of work on your business

You don’t have time to do this? You don’t have time not to do this. If you have to, hire some short-term help to create the thinking space you need.

You need to step out and think about the long term vision of your business and what strategies you will employ to get there. You need to think about if you have the right people, programs, and processes in place, for your business to practically run itself.

 You need to get to a position where you can disengage long enough to provide the vision essential to your company’s long-term growth.

That being said, delegation is never abdication. Rather, it’s learning to work on the business instead of in the business. Good leaders know when to get out of their own way.